Sheffield City Hall Tea Dance 

Join us at 11am for the City Hall Live Tea Dance with Aubrey the Organist and some of your favourite team members from the City Hall.

The day will run as follows

* Connect to Aubrey and send in your dance requests. Aubrey will do his best to accommodate them

* Chat online with Aubrey, send him a question or a message and he will chat online with you.

*If you want a mention or wish to send out a message to others you can text us with this to 07891 005 390
or email us at
or you can send us a message through Facebook messenger on our page


The Live music starts, move your coffee table out of the way and get your dancing shoes on.


Time for Cuppa and a chat


The live music starts again with all your favourite ballroom and sequence numbers


Live chat time – send us your comments and find out more about your organist and the team at Sheffield City Hall


If you want to chat over video you sign up to Google Hangouts (it’s free to use) and then send an invite request to – We will then connect you for live video chat and we can do this in groups. If you are struggling to get this set up, give us a call on 0114 257 67 80 and we will help talk you through it.