Looking for a great day out?……

On Sunday 19th in Hillsborough Park at ‘ The Owls in the Park’ day we have our own stand . The event is usually a great day out so the Harmony Music School team have decided it’s also the perfect day to have a summer event. We have comptetiions and games going throughout the day so come down and see us and get the chance to win some great prizes, including an Electric Guitar and Amp, Football Tickets, An Outdoor Adventure Kit, Concert Tickets and much more…..

Of course we are putting on this event to raise money for our chosen charity ‘The Sheffield Children’s Hospital’, they do amazing things for families in South Yorkshire including some of our own customers and we love to them help raise funds to enable them to do even more in the future.

The event runs from 11am – 4pm and we have a whole host of things happening on day:-


11am – 4pm

Guitar Hero v’s Guitar Tom: You Challenge Tom either on Guitar Hero or Electric Guitar to see if you could win one of the prizes and be crowned the Ultimate Guitar Hero! We all know that Tom is a bit of a show off so he is not going to let you win this title easy Click here to join in



Abby’s 300 Squat Challenge: Abbys will be completing 300 squats in 20 minutes to truly achieve jelly legs! Abby thought this was the easiest of all the challenges but she has since attempted it and found that after 100 squats it’s a very different story!  Click here to Sponsor Abby




Miriam and Kim’s Big Battle: The Ladies will be competing in 5 rounds of a Gladiator style ‘Duel’ and just to make it a bit more interesting you get to vote on ways you can make it more difficult for them!  Click her to sponsor Kim and Miriam



Joe’s Blind Chilli Challenge: 10 Chillies of varying strength, Joe has to eat 5 of them and you get to choose which one! Joe didn’t really have much of a choice in this and has asked for plenty of milk and water to be available 🙁 Click here to sponsor Joe




Aubrey’s Great Pond Dash: Aubs will be doing a one man race around the duck pond – 20 times! Aubs is not really what you’d call an athlete and he underestimated the distance that this would cover….It’s actually 6k! Click here to sponsor Aubrey



There will be lots to do in the park on Sunday so come and see us too x