Harmony Music School is proud to run
the Joe Bonamassa Guitar Scholarship.

Harmony Music School and our Patron, Guitar Legend Joe Bonamassa, work together to provide the chance for children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to obtain a free music scholarship. The scholarship provides local children with the opportunity to learn to play the guitar free of charge for a school year.
Founders of the Scholarship, Joe Bonamassa and Aubrey Robinson
with one of our Scholarship students Chloe Pye
Our scholarship programme started in 2011 and one lucky recipient was Chloe Pye who was picked from many hopeful applicants after winning over the team here at Harmony Music School with her determination and commitment to learning to play the guitar.Aubrey Robinson, Harmony Music School’s founder, said, “I feel passionately that music education should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen a reduction in music education in schools and we felt a scholarship could help someone. All of our teachers have experience performing and playing all over the country and I think it is important to be able to offer real experience to our students and help them to realise their own musical ambitions.”

Scholarship founder Joe Bonamassa said: “Music and musical education should be accessible to all people, whatever their situation, and this scholarship and the work we do at Harmony is a great opportunity.
It’s vital that we cultivate a new generation of music makers from every background.  This will ensure the variety and richness of musical creativity is preserved for the future.” To apply for the 2018/2019 school year click here

Our 2017 scholarship begins in March 2017. To apply, please send the information below to Aubrey Robinson, Scholarship Entry, Harmony Music School, 46 Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield, Sheffield S35 9YT,
or email your entry to info@harmonymusicschool.co.uk.
Name of child
Name of parent or guardian
Name of main teacher
Age of child
Parent or guardian Email
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Reason why your child wants to learn to play the guitar

Terms and conditions apply, please contact the school for full details.