Harmony Music School are now offering children in Sheffield the opportunity to obtain free music scholarships.

We are giving two local children between Year 3 and Year 7, the opportunity to learn to play the guitar free of charge for the 2018/2019 school year. The Scholarship Program is designed to help young people who have a passion for music and motivation to learn to play the Guitar and the core aim is to provide direct tuition to individual, eligible students and provide access to music that they may not ordinarily get.

This scheme is open to children entitled to free school meals or those in care. They don’t need any experience or knowledge of music and they will be provided with the guitar. The child simply turns up to the school every other week for free, one to one, bespoke tuition and commits to weekly practice.

Aubrey Robinson, the school’s Managing Director, started the scholarship scheme back in 2011 “I feel really strongly that music education should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen a reduction in music education in schools but we feel that we can help bridge the gap. We have launched this year’s scholarship on the same day as Make Music Day, I think we will do it every year on this day”. Aubrey went on to say…..”All our teachers have performance experience too I think it is important to be able to offer real experience to our students and help them to realise their own musical ambitions. Over the years we have seen how many children there are in Sheffield who want to get involved with music but are not financially able, our scheme may only reach a small number of students but it’s a start”

To apply for the scholarship please complete the form below.