We understand that you might have some questions before getting started and we hope that you find the answers you are looking for here. If there is anything else that we can help you with or something not covered just get in touch.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What is the best age for children to start?2020-09-12T10:13:57+01:00

We recommend 6 as the ideal starting age but this is not a strict rule. We understand that children develop at different ages and if you feel that your child would benefit from music lessons, please get in touch.

Do you provide lessons for adults?2020-09-12T10:12:06+01:00

Yes 40% of our students are over the age of 18. Our oldest student is 86 years old so there really are no age restrictions .

Do you provide gift vouchers?2020-09-12T10:02:31+01:00

Yes, you can order gift vouchers here


The vouchers should be treated like cash. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-returnable or transferable. See our T&C’s for more details 

Are the online lessons safe?2023-04-13T16:15:02+01:00

Our online lessons take place on Zoom which is third party video software this is not owned or controlled by Harmony Music School. Whilst the system is used by millions all over the world we are not able to amend the system in anyway. Like all internet based platform it is done so at your own risk.

Are you teachers vetted?2020-09-12T09:53:21+01:00

All of our teachers undergo DBS checks and all are insured

Regular training and updates are undertaken by the school owners and a vigorous interview and training programme is implemented before anyone joins the school


Why do you need CCTV in the school?2020-09-12T09:50:20+01:00

The interior and exterior of Harmony Music School is covered by CCTV. The CCTV is used for safety and securing reasons. The video record both video and audio.

The CCTV is also used to review lessons between the school director and the teacher for training purposes. The CCTV can not be turned off during your lessons.


How do I get the same lesson time each week?2023-01-25T15:46:05+00:00

If there is a future payment in the system and you have a regular lesson time allocated, this time slot will be held for you indefinitely, if you continue to renew your lesson in blocks of four. If you do not renew your block of four lessons at the end of the current booking, this lesson time will show as available for booking by other students and will then be offered to any students on the waitlist. We will not be able to guarantee it will be available to you in the future.

Can you reserve my lesson and I’ll pay on the day2020-09-12T09:47:01+01:00

Our booking system doesn’t allow lessons to be reserved or held unless they are paid for, payment will be asked for at the the time of booking.

What happens if my teacher is off?2020-09-12T09:44:36+01:00

If a regular teacher is unavailable we will always aim to cover the lessons with an alternative teacher.

What if I need to cancel my lesson?2023-04-13T16:16:05+01:00

If you need to cancel your lesson, the easiest way if to email us at info@harmonymusicschool.co.uk. You can also call the school on 0114 2576780, if we are not open please leave a voicemail message so that we can process your request

We operate a 48 hours cancellation policy so if your request is made with less notice you run the risk of losing the fee that you have paid for the lesson.

Please be aware that lessons booked on a discounted offer are not able to be changed or cancelled.

If you give us less than 48 hours notice…
• 100% lesson fee charge if less than 48 hours notice is given to cancel a lesson
• No charge if more than 48 hours notice is give to cancel a lesson

Unfortunately, cancellations due to illness are still subject to our cancellation policy – we will always try and offer alternative lessons for cancellations due to illness if we have availability. Alternative lessons offered must be taken within the 24 hours as the original lesson. This can only be offered if alternative time slots are available.

If it is not possible to rearrange a cancelled lesson, any cancellation fees due will still apply. If you rearrange your regular lesson slot to a different time or day the lesson agreement remains intact.

I want to start a band I just don’t know where to start?2020-09-12T09:38:55+01:00

OK so you need to answer a few questions first, can you play, sing or write?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are off to a good start. We can help you develop these skills so that you are ready to start a band and then go on to perform.

If you answered no to all these questions then we can still work with you to help you reach this goal but it will just take a little longer for you to get there.

Many of our teachers are performing musicians and working in bands so we are in a really good place to help.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on my instrument?2020-09-12T09:35:54+01:00

No you don’t…especially not in the first place. Instruments can be very expensive and when you first start your lessons you don’t know how well you are going to get on. You can buy perfectly adequate instruments second hand either online or at music shops. Remember in the beginning you just need something to practice on so don’t spend too much. After you have been having lessons for a little while you can look at upgrading your instrument and selling on the original. The school can give you advice on the instruments when you are looking to purchase them.

Can you teach anyone to sing?2020-09-12T09:33:05+01:00

Now this is a difficult one t answer because yes you can teach anyone to sing technically, in tune and to extend their vocal range. Anyone can be improve their vocals skills with the right coaching but can you be taught to sing like Whitney Houston or Bruno Mars?…..

Everyone has their own sound and to a degree you can only work with what you are born with. You can make this better but if your natural sound is more like Bob Dylan you’re not likely to change into Stevie Wonder. We can help you pick a style that suits your natural voice and work with you. There are so many vocal styles out there, getting that right will make a massive difference.

How long will I need to learn to pass grade 8?2020-09-12T09:30:03+01:00

This is dependent on the student. There are many theories out there that say the average is about a year a grade or 5,000 hours of practice, then another 5,000 hours to become a pro!

It may all sound daunting but we recommend that you try and practice ever day or so to progress at a reasonable rate, you may have time to practice more or less but remember it’s not an exact science. Some people find the process easier than others.

Our job is to help you along the way and find the best way for you to develop your skills. Be assured that whilst you will learn to pass your grade, here you will learn how to play the instrument well and this is what will aid you to pass exams.

Do I have to take exams?2020-09-12T09:28:20+01:00

Only if you want to, we will ensure that you are ready to take and pass them but its your choice not ours. Our approach is that if you are wanting to say ‘take grade 3 piano’ then we want you be able to pick up any piece of music that is of that standard and play it.

We do have a number of students that are taking exams with LCM and as an approved exam centre, if you want to go down this path we are very well prepared to help.

How long will it take me to play a song?2020-09-12T09:26:12+01:00

The true and most irritating answer here is, how long is a piece of string? It depends on the song and the complexity of it, your skill level and how much you are willing to practice. Having said that we have had students come in for their first ever guitar lesson and three weeks later they are playing Wonderwall. But remember it’s down to you and how much time you can commit to practicing, the more you practice the quicker you will learn. There is no better feeling than being able to play a song you love and we will help you get there.

How much are your lessons?2023-04-13T16:16:35+01:00

Lesson are £17 per 30 minutes or £34 per hour.

How do I book a lesson?2020-09-12T09:24:23+01:00

The easiest way is to call 0114 2576780. We can go through all the options and offers.  In order to book any lesson we need to take payment whether you are a new or existing student. We can do this via a debit card payment. If we are closed and would like to book online follow this link 

Do you teach set instruments on set days?2023-04-13T16:18:28+01:00

Yes, we teach Piano, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Organ, Singing, Ukulele, Drums, Theory and Music Technology & Production, below shows the specific days for the set instruments.


  • Piano & Keyboard : Monday – Saturday
  • Organ : Monday
  • Drums : Monday – Tuesday & Saturday
  • Guitar, Ukulele and Bass : Monday – Saturday
  • Singing : Monday, Tuesday & Friday
  • Music Production : Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Theory : Monday – Saturday


  • Piano & Keyboard : Wednesday & Thursday
  • Guitar : Tuesday
  • Theory : Wednesday & Thursday


When are you open?2020-09-12T09:13:28+01:00

We offer lessons Monday – Saturday. We are open for lessons Monday – Thursday 3.30pm-9.30pm, Friday 3.30pm-8.00pm and Saturday 10.30pm-4.00pm.

Why should I choose Harmony Music School, what makes you so special?2020-09-12T09:12:27+01:00

At Harmony Music School we have one focus and that’s you. Learning to play an instrument is not a one size fits all approach. People’s reasons for wanting to learn are varied, so simply following one syllabus wouldn’t help you or us! You tell us why and what you want to learn and our experienced team will help you reach your goals. Our goal is to help you become a good musician, whatever your reason.

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    Karl Neal

    Every lesson at Harmony Music School in my opinion is both fun and challenging, I feel I am always given the opportunity to work on anything I am finding difficult.

    I would recommend Harmony Music School to anyone wanting to take lessons.

    Stephanie Simpson

    I booked my son on to a summer holiday deal and by chance decided to freshen up my music skills to. Teddy was learning drums and is only 5 years old: the teachers are patient, knowledgeable and talented.
    Would definitely recommend so much so I have bought my niece a voucher for a music lesson to.
    I went in with the intention of brushing up on the ukulele & have a new found confidence in my ability.

    Get booking

    Lisa Kilby

    I had my first lesson with James today he was very patient and didn’t laugh when a 45 yr old was playing when the saints go marching in!


    I’m looking forward to next week

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