Face to Face lessons return to Harmony Music School

Things have changed quite a lot since we went into lockdown and made the move to online lessons but we are pleased to say that we are now preparing our school to deliver face to face lessons and have been working to ensure it is safe to do so and we were able to meet Government guidelines. 

We have been told that we fall into the category of businesses allowed to open on June 15th. To allow everyone a few weeks to get used to the new measures in all areas of our lives, we are aiming to open our doors to face to face students from July 6th.

Below you will find a list of the new measures and procedures that we have put in place in order to provide a safe environment for you and our team:-


  • Anti-bacterial hand gel will be provided for customers and staff
    Before entering the teaching rooms, you will be required to use the provided anti-bacterial hand gel thoroughly
  • Staggered lesson times
    to prevent students arriving at the same time, lessons will have staggered start times (eg 3.25pm 3.30pm 3.35pm 3.40pm). This will prevent a crossover of people coming in and out of the rooms together.


  • We ask that all adult students come in on their own.
  • Children may be accompanied by 1 Guardian or Parent but not friends or siblings.
    If you would normally arrive with others, please ask them to wait your car once lessons are confirmed.
  • 2 metre clear Perspex screens in all rooms.
    These will create a barrier between you and the team, similar to the ones you see at the supermarket.
  • All students and teachers will be required to wear either a face shield or a face mask when in the school.
    We would ask that you bring your own whenever possible, but we will have a limited supply of PPE available for students to purchase :face shields for singing students @ £1, disposable face masks for all other students and their guardians @ 50p.
  • Markings on the floor to help adhere to social distance guidelines


  • Separate exit point
    you will now exit via the back doors after your lesson


  • Reception will no longer be open for people to sit or wait 
    Many students choose to arrive early and wait in the reception area, but at this time we ask that you wait to receive a text from us before coming into the building. This will likely be 2-3 minutes before your lesson start time.
  • There is a clear perspex screen on the Ecclesfield reception desk These will create a barrier between you and the team, similar to the ones you see at the supermarket.
  • We will have a virtual reception at Broomhill
    Due to space restrictions, we won’t have a receptionist at our Broomhill branch. We will have our Ecclesfield receptionist on hand via an online link so you can speak to them should you need to, don’t forget to say hello to them when you come in1
  • Reception will book lessons via card payments only
  • We will not be accepting cash at this time


  • Microphones will not be used
  • Drum students will need to bring their own sticks
  • Guitar, Ukulele, Bass students will need to bring their own instruments
    If you have an instrument that needs retuning or restringing, please contact us to arrange a time that this can be dropped off at the school the day before your lesson. This can then be done prior to your lesson taking place and sanitised ready for you to use.
  • We ask that you bring with you own sheet music
    At this time we will not be able to provide resources or handwritten notes. All teaching notes will be emailed to you for use at home


  • Online lessons will still be available if you prefer
  • We will be moving all of our online lessons to the Zoom platform


  • Our Enhanced Cleaning Guidance has been provided by Crystal Clean Services Ltd.
  • We will disinfect all common touch points following the arrival and departure of all students
  • Pianos, keyboards and drum kits will be sanitised in between each lesson 
  • Windows can be opened but fans have been removed
  • Deep cleans will take place at the beginning and the end of each teaching day


  • Although the toilets will be open, we would ask that wherever possible the use is limited to the Harmony Team only
    Of course, if you need to use the toilet you may do so, but please check with reception to ensure that it is free as only one person at any one time can use the facilities.
  • At Ecclesfield we have removed an internal wall between the piano room and the guitar room to make one large room in order to be able to provide more space for both you and the teacher

Information and updates are changing quite rapidly still so we know that we may well have to change this as time goes on and we will keep you up to date with anything new as and when it happens.

We hope that these measures will make physical lessons as safe as possible and we would like to say special thank you for all your support and patience over the past few months.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Team Harmony x

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