Mentorship Program for Local Schools

Our objective is to provide valuable mentorship to local schools by connecting experienced music professionals from Harmony Music School with students interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. We achieve this by establishing partnerships with local secondary schools and colleges, conducting regular workshops, career talks, and Q&A sessions, and offering internships or work-shadowing opportunities for interested students.

Tea Dancing Sponsorship

We organise regular dances for people over 50s, to provide a fun and safe activity. With the national decline of private dances we set about establishing Sheffield Tea Dances so that we would be able to provide regular dances to those who enjoy them. We now sponsor and support their Sequence dance events . We are also very lucky to have built great partnerships with PKW, Age Concern and Sheffield South West LAC. Our goal is to grow the dances throughout Sheffield. We currently host dances in Grenoside, Crookes and Dore. We provide financial support, volunteers, and we organise the events and support for those attending.

Scholarship Program

We aim to make music education accessible to all by providing scholarship places for students who face financial barriers. This involves allocating a portion of Harmony Music School’s budget for scholarship placements, collaborating with local charities and community organisations to identify eligible candidates, and conducting periodic assessments to ensure continued financial need.

Children’s School Holiday Clubs

Our goal is to create a positive and engaging environment for children during school holidays, fostering their love for music and creativity. We organise week-long holiday clubs with a focus on music education, workshops, and fun activities, collaborate with local community centres and schools to host these clubs, and provide discounted or free attendance with the support of Sheffield Healthy Holidays for families facing financial challenges.

Supporting Those Who Need

We support local food banks and charitable initiatives such as S6 Food Bank with winter collections and drop-off points, and participate in the Sheffield Shoe Box Appeal to ensure those in need receive gifts at Christmas.

Support the local Children’s Hospital

Supporting Sheffield Children’s University has been a core part of our community involvement. From doing fun-filled events like 5k runs, half marathons, bake sales, to hosting entertaining concerts, we’ve been dedicated to raising funds for this cause. Over the years, our collective efforts have resulted in raising over £10,000, making a significant impact on the lives of children in our community.

Local Community Support

We strengthen ties with the local community by supporting various initiatives and organisations such as providing raffle prizes for Grenoside Scouts, collaborating with local and individual fundraising initiatives Like Richard’s Road To Recovery, and participating in Hallam FM Cash for Kids‘ fundraising campaigns and collections.

Climate Pledge

Demonstrating our commitment to local environmental conservation efforts and community well-being, we are a member of the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, participate in local litter picks and planting schemes, and we have signed our commitments with world leading organisations through Amazon Climate Pledge and the SME Climate Hub

Harmony Music School – Established in 2005

Harmony Music School – Established in 2005

Hundreds of lessons taught to thousands of students

OVER 10,000+

music lessons taught

BY 2030

we will be carbon net zero


of free lessons provided

OVER £11,000

raised for charitable causes