The concert is just around the corner. To help make sure that your prepared, this page will give you all the information about the show.

Concert Times and Performers

4.00pm – 5.15pm

Arrive by 3.30pm

5.35pm -6.55pm

Arrive by 5.20pm


Arrive by 7.00pm

Where and When
The concert is taking place on Sunday November 30th at Gatty Hall which is opposite Harmony Music School on Priory Road, Ecclesfield S35 9XY, next to the church. There will be a keyboard, organ, piano, drum kit and full PA system set up on stage. If you are playing the Guitar, Bass or a Brass instruments please bring them with you, If you are playing the Drums please bring your sticks (all leads and speakers etc will be provided).

Photography and Filming
In the past many parents have asked if they can record or photograph their child’s performance and again we have had repeated requests this year, so after much consideration we have decided to permit this. We have taken this decision as we would like to provide you with the opportunity to photograph your child’s achievements. In order to ensure that this change doesn’t affect the concert there are a couple of restrictions. Please ensure that you only photograph or film your child/family member. Please do not obstruct the view of other members of the audience whilst recording/photographing. If you wish to stand please do so at either edge , please do not come down to the front of the stage or stand in the central aisle.

There are tickets still available priced at just £3.00. If you haven’t yet purchased yours just ask at Reception, don’t forget it is all in aid of The Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. – Please note that payment for tickets is cash only.
Thank you for your support of our concert on behalf of everyone at Harmony Music School and The Children’s Hospital Charity.

If you need anything on the day email

Good Luck everyone, we are really looking forward to a great night.