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Sheffield’s Most Recommended Music School

Putting Students First

The reason to start lessons is different for each person and we know this. That is why at Harmony Music School we structure our lesson to suit you and what you want. Providing tuition in this way ensures that each student gets the most out of each lesson and goes home with a real enthusiasm to continue to learn more.

Whatever your reason for wanting lessons everyone starts with a passion for music and then we help to turn that passion into a real skill.

If you feel like you are really moving forward then we are doing our job!

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What Makes Harmony Music School Different?

It started with just 2

The school was founded by Aubrey and Abby back in 2005 and in 2008 we opened the doors at Ecclesfield Business Centre. The school has grown from teaching only a handful of students each week, to now teaching hundreds of students in South Yorkshire. Over the years we have provided lessons to thousands of individuals. To get to where we are today has been a lot of hard work and commitment from our team, and we are very proud of what we have achieved at the school and the skills that our students have developed.

Tailored to you

At Harmony Music School we have one focus and that’s you. Learning to play an instrument is not a one size fits all approach. People’s reasons for wanting to learn are varied, so we have created a specific programme for each instrument that can be tailored to your needs. You tell us why and what you want to learn and our experienced team will help you reach your goals. Our aim is to help you become a good musician, whatever your reason.

Different people – different reasons

People come to Harmony Music School for many different reasons. Some of our students want to pursue a career in the industry, some people are looking to do something they enjoy and others are just so passionate about music that they want to learn to play an instrument. Children learn because they may have shown an interest in school, adults learn because they always wish they had. Whatever your reasons, we are confident that we can help you get the most out of your lessons.

Booking Lessons

We are open 6 days a week and we offer different types of booking options:
* A Weekly Lesson – Ideal for guaranteeing a specific time each week
* A Bi-weekly Lesson – The same benefits as weekly lessons but better for those who don’t wish to attend each week.
* Ad-hoc Lesson – This offers flexibility if simply want to book week to week based on availability


Full Music Tuition Services

guitar montage band

1-2-1 Lessons

Face to face and online lessons are available for children and adults at both our Ecclesfield and Broomhill sites. If you have been looking for a teacher and professional tuition but you are not sure how it works, get in touch with us today

keyboard-classes for schools

School Support

Harmony Music School have been providing support to primary and secondary schools for over a decade. We can create and supply project based workshops, instrument peri lessons, class room session and full KS1 and KS2 curriculum programmes

MICROPHONE in studio

Exams and FE

If you are looking to take graded music exams we have been support our students through their grades for 15 years. We also provide addition support for those who studying for GCSE’s A Levels, B-Techs and Music Degrees



The answer is YES.

Anybody can learn to play an instrument or improve their singing abilities. Some people take to it easier than others, some people have more time to practice, some even have their own room just dedicated to learning but we have yet to meet anyone yet that can’t be taught and no you are never to old to start. Our oldest student joined us at the age of 86, I am sure that if Trevor can start then so can you.



Lisa Kilby

I had my first lesson with James today he was very patient and didn’t laugh when a 45 yr old was playing when the saints go marching in!


I’m looking forward to next week

Stephanie Simpson

I booked my son on to a summer holiday deal and by chance decided to freshen up my music skills to. Teddy was learning drums and is only 5 years old: the teachers are patient, knowledgeable and talented.
Would definitely recommend so much so I have bought my niece a voucher for a music lesson to.
I went in with the intention of brushing up on the ukulele & have a new found confidence in my ability.

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Loved this place!

AMAZING music school ?? Aubrey and Abby as well as the other staff were always so polite, always a warm welcome to anyone who walks through the door! miss this place so much. Would definitely recommend to anyone of any age looking to learn something new or to improve their talents 🙂



We have worked hard to ensure we were able to meet Government guidelines and are safely able to provide face to face lessons. You will find all our enhanced procedures by clicking here

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