Hire a saxophone for your lessons from only £10 per month

Used saxophones from only £10 per month, new saxophones from only £19 per month (£14 per month including your £5 Harmony Music School discount*)
Plus, as a student at Harmony Music School, you will receive a £5 per month discount on your rental.*


1) pay a small, refundable deposit

2) pay your monthly rental
rentals start from only £10 per month and, with a minimum rental term of just
2 months, this is a great way to try out your lessons without committing to
buying an instrument. If you return your instrument at any point after this,
your deposit will be refunded with no further obligation.

3) purchase your instrument at any time during the 1st 12 months
and all of your rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price

you can even upgrade your instrument and transfer your deposit
and all rental payments paid towards the cost.

Ring 0114 2576780 or email info@harmonymusicschool.co.uk for more information regarding Saxophone lessons and rental.

*New instruments only. Discount not available on used instruments.

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